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Welcome to Little Village Christian Community Website. Everyone is welcome to join in our efforts to bring the Good News of Christ Jesus to a generation of lost sheep.  It is our mission to tell people who are willing to listen, about Christ Jesus our Lord; who He is and what He did for each of us. 

     Another goal of this community is to provide a "friendly place" in virtual reality or newbies and those who are lost and/or homeless avatars,  lonely and rejected, or those who are being grieved by others. Everyone is Welcome here at Little Village.

    The total Christian Community in is over five hundred people.  There are Lay Persons, Singers, Church Leaders, Ministers and Teachers..  There are many things to do and places to go to have fun with people who follow the basic teachings of the Word of God.     There are Church Services, Bible Classes, Prayer Meetings,  Word Studies, Games and  Fellowship in a Christian Family atmosphere.  

We keep our conversation clean, and our clothing modest, so that they will not offend or embarrass anyone's values.   It is our goal to keep a  Good, Clean, Healthy, Christian Mindset in our Lord Jesus and be obedient to the doing of His Word.  That He will say to us, when all is done: "Well done thou good and faithful servant, enter into the Joy of My Kingdom."  (Matthew 25:23)


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